" I was overcome by emotion because your songs and your performance in general touched my heart."

Gamzi in Boston

Capstone Records 

Donna Capstone

DONNA captivates her audiences with her positive, passionate, and inspiring style.  DONNA's songs have been played on radio in Europe including the Netherlands, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, and in Scandinavia, Canada, USA and as far away as Australia.  To quote a few radio programmers from around the world, John Skaalvik says he and his audiences "love DONNA's songs and would like to play more”.  

 DONNA's songs will touch your heart and surround you with love.  Writing songs in several genres in styles such as Broadway, Film, Pop, and Country, as well as, music for the new millennium that some have said is out of this world. 

 DONNA sings about emotions and experiences we all have, touching our hearts as she sings.  She can transport you to a beautiful serene aural setting that can be heard by your ears, and felt by your heart.

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